Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our First Week of Summer

We have already had a fun summer and it has just begun. We have been to the pool about every other day. This is what Crosby usually looks like after an afternoon at the pool. Crosby wanted to play with his toys but that didn't last long. When I came back in the room he was fast alseep on the floor.

One night Cody and I went to the movies. When we went to pick Crosby up from Randi and Sydni's he informed us that he wanted to stay the night with them. This is very rare... he usually doesn't want to stay with other people overnight. Usually halfway through the afternoon he is wondering where his dad is or if Cody is watching him he is wondering where I am much less stay the night somewhere else. So, he stayed the night and had a good time. He came home with this cool bubble blower. He has played and played with it.

Last Saturday we had a neighborhood bbq. We have some really good neighbors and the kids play well together. Colt and Crosby are only like 5 mo apart so they will be in the same class in school. After we left there we went over to some other friends where he got to play with Aubryn. He had a fun filled evening... and so did we.

Then on Monday we had some friends over. The kids all play so well together and it was so great to get together with our friends as well. Oh how I love summer where our lives slow down and we can enjoy time with others. Then it started raining. Garrett was a little late because he had gone with some of the guys from church and they were hung up in Colorado because of a tornado. He had some video of it on his phone... they were way to close for any kind of comfort I thought though the pictures and video was cool to look at.

Crosby has gotten to where he really likes to eat eggs for breakfast. He likes 2 eggs scrambled with cheese and he likes to do the cooking. He will crack the eggs, stir, then he moves his chair over to the stove while I add milk. Then he stirs the eggs in the pan until they are done (with a little help from me). Today he was making them tall... he was stacking them on top of each other in the pan. Then he eats them. It is so fun to watch him have so much fun cooking. Someday I bet he will be a good cook.

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