Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our First Week of Summer

We have already had a fun summer and it has just begun. We have been to the pool about every other day. This is what Crosby usually looks like after an afternoon at the pool. Crosby wanted to play with his toys but that didn't last long. When I came back in the room he was fast alseep on the floor.

One night Cody and I went to the movies. When we went to pick Crosby up from Randi and Sydni's he informed us that he wanted to stay the night with them. This is very rare... he usually doesn't want to stay with other people overnight. Usually halfway through the afternoon he is wondering where his dad is or if Cody is watching him he is wondering where I am much less stay the night somewhere else. So, he stayed the night and had a good time. He came home with this cool bubble blower. He has played and played with it.

Last Saturday we had a neighborhood bbq. We have some really good neighbors and the kids play well together. Colt and Crosby are only like 5 mo apart so they will be in the same class in school. After we left there we went over to some other friends where he got to play with Aubryn. He had a fun filled evening... and so did we.

Then on Monday we had some friends over. The kids all play so well together and it was so great to get together with our friends as well. Oh how I love summer where our lives slow down and we can enjoy time with others. Then it started raining. Garrett was a little late because he had gone with some of the guys from church and they were hung up in Colorado because of a tornado. He had some video of it on his phone... they were way to close for any kind of comfort I thought though the pictures and video was cool to look at.

Crosby has gotten to where he really likes to eat eggs for breakfast. He likes 2 eggs scrambled with cheese and he likes to do the cooking. He will crack the eggs, stir, then he moves his chair over to the stove while I add milk. Then he stirs the eggs in the pan until they are done (with a little help from me). Today he was making them tall... he was stacking them on top of each other in the pan. Then he eats them. It is so fun to watch him have so much fun cooking. Someday I bet he will be a good cook.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feel My Steel

Crosby will flex his muscles and say... "feel my steel". It is so cute and I may be a little partial but I think he may have some muscles. And, I am going to brag a little. Around the first of May he wasn't sleeping well. So, I decided he isn't using all of his energy up so on my walk I had him run. He ran 1.3 miles and he is 3! I thought that was great and what was even better he slept through the night without waking up and no dreams!!!

Then Luke came to visit and together they did feel my steel.

State Track Meet

Well, I am going to attempt to catch up on my blogging. Last Friday was our last day of school (YAY!!!) so I have a lot more time now. I have been looking forward to this summer because I can foresee us having a lot of fun. In May we went to the Oklahoma State Track Meet!!! There were quite a few of Texhoma kids running. Crosby really likes JD and Alexis and they both made it so we had to go. It was perfect weather and we really enjoyed it. Cody took picture while Crosby and I hung out in the stands. Crosby also loved the hotel room. We have stayed a lot in hotels lately (trip to Colorado, marathon and then track meet all in 6 weeks). He kept saying he was ready to go back to his bed. I put a couple pictures on of JD running the 110 hurdles... which he got first in, and the mile relay getting their 3rd place medals. We were very proud of them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I don't have any pictures for this but Cody and I had quite an accomplished. We completed our first half marathon (13.1 miles). The run was in Oklahoma City. Crosby got to spend the morning at the hotel with his Gumba (my mom) while we ran. It started at 6:30 am. That is SO EARLY!!! We finished.... Cody ran it in 2 hours 11 minutes. I ran in 2 hours 38 min. When we finished I said I would never run another one but now I think I will. We didn't have enough time or it was snowing to train well. The most I had run while training was 5 miles and Cody had gone 6 miles. So, we were proud of ourselves. The really cool thing was that there were 9 other Texhoma people who also ran. There were 22,000 runners total. It was really a great experience.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wonderful Babysitter

I have the most wonderful babysitters, Randi and Sydni. Really they are like family as well. Yesterday Will had a game and I wanted to get to watch the game so Crosby got to stay with Sydni. I had told him the night before that he would get to see her tomorrow. ALL morning long he was asking when he would get to see his Sydni. Also, it has been stock show season so he hasn't gotten to see them much lately. When I pulled up to her house Crosby says "There's my Sydni." So, we go to the game and Randi is playing so we stayed longer. When I got home Sydni and Crosby had walked to the bank (got suckers) and COLORED EASTER EGGS!!! What a wonderful girl she is. We are beyond blessed to have them in our lives.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, I have failed miserably at keeping people up to date with us... although not much has changed. I am able to sit her an get this done because Cody, Crosby and Jay went for a guys get away to Colorado and I am waiting on Lisa to get done doing her photography so that we can head to OKC for my cousins bachelorette party. There is more that I need to post. I will try and be a little more on top of things.

Cody's grandmother had her 90th birthday. Cody's family all rented a limo to take her around Amarillo for her birthday. She lives in the nursing home. We had a good time. She was surprised. We had some little wine glasses. Crosby and Kynlee has coke in theirs and they were tapping their glasses together saying something (that I forgot) instead of cheers. It was cute. In the picture of Cody and Crosby, Mamaw is on Cody's left and Mamaw's friend is on the right

People always say Crosby is always happy (which is wonderful) but there are times that he isn't happy. I thought this was a cute picture. He wanted to keep going on a walk in the stroller and I was done. He was upset.

Crosby was playing in the laundry basket the other day and it reminded me of how big he is getting. It seems like not too long ago the basket was so much bigger than him.

There was a reading conference which half of our teachers get to go together. We learn a lot and usually have a good time. Despite having the flu at the start of our trip we had a good time. This is a picture of Linda and I with a Karen, a teacher from New York who sat at our table so we invited her to come along with us. We are line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon.

Oh and did I mention it has snowed and snowed and snowed? The moisture has been wonderful but I am ready for spring to get here. This is Crosby helping Cody shovel snow and Cody out taking hay to the horses.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

100 years

Last month... I know I am behind... we went out to Oslo to church because it was 100 years ago on that Sunday that Oslo started as a church. I think that is so neat to know a little history about my family and still have such ties to so long ago. Oslo is something that I am proud of as so many years ago these Norwegian families came to Texas for land... and we are still here. Here is a picture of my siblings on that Sunday as well as Cody, Crosby and I. Also in the picture you have to notice the wonderful Texas panhandle wind. I should add that this summer on July 18 we are having a BIG 100 years celebration at Oslo if anyone is interested in coming. Also my mom put together a really nice history book of Oslo if anyone is interested.